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No other motion simulator on the market provides the comprehensive immersive experience and support like VGT. VGT's advanced quad motion system actuates the entire cockpit and driver not just the seat. VGT's 9 channel motion system emphasizes quality over quantity of motion unlike other simulators.

VGT Comparision
Other guys
Other guys
Advanced quad motion that moves
entire cockpit
Custom electronics that power an integrated audio and vibration system
Triple screen display
World class support
All controls included (pedals, steering, shifter)
Fully customizable livery
Customizable PC
Starting at $15,000

Why VGT Motion Matters

VGT motion moves the entire cockpit. Moving only the seat is extremely unnatural as the driver’s hands and feet are being pushed and pulled away from the controls. Furthermore, the very concept of two cylinders moving a seat that is supported by a pivot underneath, means this seat cannot move vertically. VGT offers full vertical motion. Vertical motion (Z-axis) is the most important motion in a racing simulator. This motion axis is critical to expressing the weight transfer when cornering. Vertical motion also enables you to feel the undulations in the track surface and effects of running over the aprons. Motion systems that only move the seat claim “low mass” as an advantage. Actually, these motion systems tend to be abrupt and jerky. They do not properly represent the inertia of a race car.

The VGT motion system fits precisely under every VGT cockpit we’ve ever made and moves the entire cockpit. The tubular steel frame system supports the VGT cockpit to relieve any stress on the cockpit from the four motion actuators. Other simulators that use D-BOX motion actuators bolt them directly onto their cockpit structure.

Scott McDonough (2X iRacing Grand-Am champion):
"I have a home built static rig of my own, with triple screens and top level consumer controls and it's not even close to the level of the VGT. I've also driven the CXC rig for good amount of time and to me, the VGT blows it away. I found the controls to be comparable between the two, but the driving experience was much better in the VGT. I felt much more connected to the track in the VGT rig. I was able to really get that elusive seat of the pants feel that I've missed in other motion sims I've driven."

Watch F1 and Indy 500 winner Alexander Rossi try out a VGT.

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